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Initial Consultations

Are you thinking of a renovation? Planning to build a custom home? Looking to move your business to a larger space? Do you need help with furniture and Décor.

Whatever Interior Design dilemma you are facing, we can help! The best way to evaluate your project is with an initial design consultation.

An initial consultation is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your ideas and needs and wants. This provides us with the opportunity to gather information about what is best for your space, situation, and the scope of the project. It is at this time that we can determine if you require just a simple makeover, new home, tenancy upgrade, renovation, or simply to refresh and create change.

If we agree your project requires more Interior Design guidance, I will prepare a breakdown of the scope of work and a quote for Interior Design Services.

This consultation appointment is typically an hour long and is $135.00 plus applicable taxes.

What happens after the Initial Consultation?

After review and approval of the Scope of Work and the estimated cost for design services, it’s time to get started!

Because each and every project is unique, the next steps will be customized to reflect the projects scope of work. Based on Project Scope, an outline of the next steps will be prepared for clarification and understanding of the design process.  We can help you through conceptual design, product procurement, budgeting, management, trade coordination all the way through to completion.

Design Fees:

Each project varies in size and scope of work and is quoted on an individual basis that we can discuss in further detail. Give us a call today to talk more!



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